Lydia has a combined 15 years experience working in public and corporate accounting, auditing, higher education, and forensic accounting.  Her background includes data analytics, contracts and SOX testing, financial reporting, and accounting for energy companies. Prior to ClearRidge, Lydia was a forensic analyst and case manager for Workman Forensics in Tulsa.

Lydia graduated from ORU’s school of business with a Bachelor of Science in Finance. At ClearRidge, Lydia’s primary roles will include financial analysis, modeling, quality of earnings analysis, due diligence and project management.

Lydia lives in Owasso with her husband and six-year-old daughter, with whom she enjoys traveling and doing just about anything outdoors. She also serves on the board for ​The Bell House​, a collaborative art and dance nonprofit, and is co-founder of Abba’s Loved Ones,​ an organization that walks alongside women in their journey toward freedom.