Conroe Concrete acquired by SRM

Conroe Concrete (Yancey Ready-Mix) Houston, TX has been acquired by SRM Concrete.  Yancey Ready-Mix, operating in N. Houston, TX has provided services across all phases of the concrete industry and underground utilities for the past fifty years. The Company manufactures and delivers wet batches of concrete to construction contractors, for industrial, commercial and residential projects and is renowned among general contractors for quality and efficiency.

Conroe Concrete was founded in 1969 by Bobby and Jo Ann Yancey and is better known to its customers as Yancey Ready Mix.  In the past 50 years, Yancey Ready Mix has grown from a small family-owned operation in to one of the leading concrete manufacturers in the north Houston area. In 2013, the Partnership expanded its market area through the purchase of a ready-mix concrete manufacturing business located in New Waverly, Texas (Texas Best Concrete).  Yancey’s primary region now encompasses Harris Co and Montgomery Co (North Houston), two of the fastest growing counties in the United States.

ClearRidge advised the owners of Conroe Concrete (Yancey Ready-Mix) on the sale.

Terms of the transaction are not disclosed.


About SRM Concrete

SRM Concrete is among the fastest-growing concrete companies in the U.S., with over 200 locations across 14 states in the Eastern US, expanding South, acquiring ten concrete companies in 2018 and exceeding that growth again in 2019.

SRM was formed in the early 1990’s as concrete finishers. Their finishing business continued to grow and in the late 90’s, SRM expanded into ready mix concrete to secure their supply chain and meet their growth needs.


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