Track record, business experience and credibility

ClearRidge has a successful track record of completing complex and challenging transactions across many different industries. Our team has worked alongside leading transaction professionals from the Midwest to Wall Street, from Chicago to the West Coast, each time further developing and testing our business acumen and professional experience.

Root analysis, planning and due diligence

At the core of every engagement is our need to understand the details and prove out every assumption. We look at each situation from the other side’s perspective and pre-emptively uncover potential hurdles and obstacles to completing a transaction. When we represent a client’s company, we are confident that we have found and resolved every issue that the other side’s due diligence will uncover. This process gives all parties the confidence and clarity to complete a transaction.

Complex and special situations

Given that our clients find us through referrals and professional relationships, we are typically engaged to take on those challenges that require an additional level of expertise, analysis and insight. Our clients come to us with unique and intriguing situations, looking for our guidance to help them achieve their strategic goals.

Strength of cohesive team, efficiency and combined skills

Every aspect of our business is designed to best serve the needs of our clients. When you hire ClearRidge, you have the combined strength and extensive experience of our team working together for you and your company, to achieve your goals.

Responsiveness, timeliness and ability to meet deadlines

Given that our team works together on every engagement, we are prompt to respond, timely in the execution of every phase of the engagement and all work together with a common focus to effectively meet the deadlines of the project.

Realistic appraisal, methodology based upon facts, data and business experience

We only know one way to work, which is to be candid in every interaction, to be realistic in our assessment of every situation and most importantly, to guide your decision-making process based upon a deep analysis and understanding of the facts.