Thacher Associates acquired by K2 Intelligence, the business investigative and intelligence firm.

December 31, 2013 – ClearRidge, an Oklahoma Investment Banking firm, announces the acquisition of Thacher Associates, the New York City investigative consulting firm by K2 Intelligence, the business investigative and intelligence firm founded by Jules and Jeremy Kroll. The Company was advised by Managing Directors of ClearRidge, acting in their capacity as registered representatives of Burch & Company, Inc.

Below is a link to an interview on Bloomberg television about the acquisition and the combined businesses:

The combined firm will employ 120 professionals in New York, London, Madrid and Washington, DC.
In addition to providing due diligence, investigative/audit and loss prevention services to both private and public sector clients, Thacher Associates is recognized as the nation’s leading construction project integrity monitor. Thacher Associates’ President and CEO, Thomas D. (“Toby”) Thacher II, and Executive Vice President and Chief of Operations, Joseph A. DeLuca, built Thacher Associates in part by serving as integrity monitors on such high profile projects as the post 9/11 Ground Zero clean-up, the ongoing rebuilding of the World Trade Center, the construction of the new Yankee Stadium, The East Side Access and the Second Avenue subway lines, and the building of headquarters for such corporate giants as the Bank of America, AOL/Time Warner, I.A.C and The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.
Both Thacher and DeLuca will continue in their present positions to lead Thacher Associates as it expands its innovative and cost saving monitoring models across the U.S. and internationally.
Thacher Associates was formed in 1996, after Thacher and DeLuca had achieved high acclaim for the unique Inspector General program they designed and implemented in 1990 to protect the New York City School Construction Authority’s $4.3 billion construction program.
Toby Thacher served as SCA’s first Vice President and Inspector General for from 1990 to 1996. In that capacity, Thacher made innovative use of criminal, civil and administrative law to combat fraud and build a community of independent private-sector inspectors general who work with contractors and vendors on site and in real time to prevent and detect fraud instead of the usual path of investigating it after the fact.
Toby Thacher said of ClearRidge Managing Directors’ representation of Thacher Associates, “It never would have happened without your tenacity and good judgment throughout. Thanks for all your support and leadership on this year long trek. Look forward to now enjoying the friendship that developed along the way … it really could never have happened without you. Thanks for all you help and support at all hours of the day and night.”
Terms of the transaction are not disclosed.