U.S. Pioneer acquires Comsaco


Comsaco has been acquired U.S. Pioneer. They are both leading manufacturers of shipboard electrical components and equipment, serving the shipbuilding industries and the Navy.

In 2021, US Pioneer expanded to a new 80,000 sq ft facility and with this new acquisition, they will further accelerate their growth, continuing to invest in the combined companies, a growing team and broader capabilities to serve their customers’ needs.

US Pioneer engaged ClearRidge to advise them on their acquisition strategy.  The ClearRidge team managed the acquisition process and due diligence. The transaction was managed by Managing Directors of ClearRidge, as registered representatives of M&A Securities Group, member FINRA/SiPC.

Comsaco will continue to operate from its Norfolk, Virginia location under the Comsaco name with minimal disruption to its operations.  Eric and Adam Westhoff will continue to lead Comsaco on a day-to-day basis, supported by the same team.

Joseph P. Moran, III, President of US Pioneer, said “We look forward to working with the Westhoffs and the Comsaco team, capitalizing on the combined strengths of our two companies.  This deal just makes a ton of sense. We are in the same industry making similar products and there are innumerable ways this consolidation benefits our customers. With our first-class management team and this new acquisition, we have bold ambitions to continue on this growth trajectory.”

Eric and Adam Westhoff, brothers and co-Presidents of Comsaco, said “We are excited to build upon our family’s legacy, grow our operations in Norfolk, Virginia, continue working under the Comsaco name, and be part of a larger organization. Customers have welcomed the news and we look forward to a strong future together.”

The combined companies will remain under private ownership with no outside investors. Terms of the transaction are not disclosed.

About US Pioneer

US Pioneer is one of the largest suppliers of shipboard electrical components to the US Navy and US navy shipbuilding industry. Combining over 65 years of experience and innovation, U.S. Pioneer, Inc. is an acknowledged leader in designing and manufacturing switches, lighting fixtures (including LED), receptacles, junction boxes, terminal boxes, loudspeakers and other electrical equipment for naval ships. US Pioneers works in a variety of materials including steel, aluminum, titanium, brass, plastics and other exotic metals. In addition, their engineered products department produces a wide range of products for other industries. U.S. Pioneer, Inc. offers machining and fabrication services including CNC machining, turning, punching, forming, laser cutting, shearing, stamping, TIG and MIG welding, powder coating, wet painting, water testing and glass bead blasting.

For more information, please visit www.uspioneer.net.

About Comsaco

Comsaco was formed in 1977 as “Compass Sales Company” and operated as a sales and distribution company until 1986 when it became a full-fledged manufacturer to serve the needs of the Naval shipbuilding and repair industry.  At that time, the name was changed to “Comsaco Marine Corp” to coincide with its changing role. Operations continued on Long Island, New York until 1994 when the company relocated to Norfolk, VA and was renamed “Comsaco, Inc.” From its inception, the company had been principally owned and operated by Walter W. Westhoff and his family. After Walter’s recent passing, Eric and Adam Westhoff transitioned from their roles as Vice Presidents to co-leaders of the Company.

For more information, please visit www.comsaco.com.

About ClearRidge

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