Oklahoma Acquisition – Bergan Pet Products

Bergan has been acquired by Ohio-based Coastal Pet Products, Inc. Bergan was represented in this transaction by Bruce Jones and Matthew Bristow, Managing Directors of ClearRidge.

Bergan is headquartered in Monkey Island, Oklahoma and is known for its cat toys, soft-sided pet carriers, automotive pet harnesses, seat covers, as well as pet feeding solutions. Within its product portfolio, Bergan has developed the #1 selling cat toy in the U.S., the Turbo Scratcher® and its derivative line of products.

Terms of the transaction are not disclosed.

About Bergan
Bergan’s core competencies are product innovation, consumer research and fanatical customer service. In order to develop and maintain its niche within the industry, Bergan has been successful at determining consumer needs, developing innovative products to meet those needs, introducing the new concepts to retailers and producing the statistical research to demonstrate latent consumer demand for the product. Bergan products are sold at Walmart, PetSmart, Petco and numerous big box and independent pet products retailers. For further information, visit www.berganpet.com.

About Coastal Pet Products
Coastal Pet Products, Inc. was founded in 1968 by Jim and Tom Stout. At present, the Coastal facility is 376,500 square feet or 8.6 acres under roof and employs over 500 associates. Since 1968, Coastal has expanded its product line from 50 different SKUs to over 7,500 total finished good SKUs. This makes Coastal the world’s largest pet collar and leash manufacturer. For further information, visit www.coastalpet.com.