Know which bank your business needs to work with

As I was preparing for the panel at the CREC Oklahoma Forecast event in OKC a few weeks ago, I made some calls to check on anecdotal data we had from bank lending in late 2009. As it turns out, we got very different answers from different lenders we spoke to.

BOA Business Capital Provides $55 Million to ClearRidge Client

July 30, 2009. Bank of America Business Capital provided a $55 million senior secured credit facility to a ClearRidge client, a lumber and manufactured wood distributor. The asset-based loan is being used to refinance existing debt. ClearRidge acted as advisor for the transaction.

Tulsa World Spotlight on Connie Tommerup, Manager

May 3, 2009. Connie Tommerup, Manager of Restructuring and Corporate Finance is honored in Tulsa World's People Spotlight. At ClearRidge, Connie's primary role is analyzing clients financial systems, financial reporting processes and internal controls.
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