ClearRidge BI delivers data reporting, analytics, dashboards, trend analysis and even internal audit functions to better manage your business. We host Microsoft Power BI for your business, including planning, implementation and consulting.

ClearRidge BI solution will seamlessly integrate with your existing ERP and accounting software, to replace all reporting and visualization functions.

Microsoft Power BI

Business Intelligence
– Visualize: data, trends, anomalies and opportunities:
any combination of metrics that are captured in your existing ERP and accounting systems: product, sales and business data, general ledger, financial statements, tax reporting, expense management, key performance indicators.
– Real-time, user-specific access to customized dashboards, charts and analysis.
– Quick and simple implementation with your existing business software.

Custom BI Reporting and Dashboards
– Real-time business performance dashboards
– Automate repetitive reports – daily, weekly, monthly tasks in Excel
– Align all company reporting in a single solution
– Dashboard Examples:
o Financial performance – Visualize: Revenue / EBITDA by product/division, Balance Sheet Metrics (Cash, A/R, A/P, DSO, DPO), Actual-Budget.
o Revenue and Profitability by Division/ Geography/ Other – Visualize: Revenue, GP, GM%, Monthly Revenue YoY comparison, GM trend YoY comparison.
o Sales analysis – Visualize: sales by customer type/ segment/ product/ region, variance of target sales to actual, win/loss%
o Expense management by categories – Visualize: expenses by division/ category, YoY expense trends
o Key performance indicators – Visualize: KPIs unique to the business goals
o Sales and pipeline dashboard – Visualize: pipeline by bus dev stage, YoY variance, pipeline by customer type/ segment/ product/ region.

ClearRidge BI Consulting

– We are advisors and translators.
– We have a combined knowledge of:
o Power BI and analytics to bridge business goals to Business Intelligence analytics models and solutions;
o Extensive accounting, finance, modeling, business and reporting experience.
– We ensure your Business Intelligence solution produces insights that company managers and owners can interpret, communicate, analyze and execute.
– We identify the value of BI and analytics in the business context. We analyze, translate, monitor and advise on the key business metrics and their impact on the business, on an ongoing basis.
– Pricing: Cost-effective monthly subscription, which includes support, monitoring and continuing customization, improvements and updates.

Why Translators are Critical

What the Harvard Business Review says …
“Translators help ensure that organizations achieve real impact from their analytics initiatives … translators play a critical role in bridging the technical expertise of data engineers and data scientists with the operational expertise of frontline managers. In their role, translators help ensure that the deep insights generated through sophisticated analytics translate into impact at scale in an organization.
Harvard Business Review, February, 2018.

Why Microsoft Power BI?

According to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant – Business Intelligence Providers (February, 2018), Power BI is the acknowledged leader in BI.
According to Gartner independent research, benefits include:
o Centralized cloud-based data lake with user level cloud access to custom dashboards
o Publish, share, collaborate, track, measure and discuss
o Embedding analytic content to reporting and presentations
o Breadth of integration and function-specific capabilities
o Limitless customization to your specific needs
o Ease of use and visual appeal
o Low per user monthly subscription for Power BI software access ($9.99/user/month)