Mergers & Acquisitions Report, News and Outlook for Q1 2024

In the central region of the United States, M&A activity has remained robust, but across the broader United States, activity was muted in the first half of 2023, picking up through the remainder of the year. Looking ahead to 2024, two factors that will likely bring greater activity: i) stabilizing interest rates contribute to higher valuations and/or higher activity, and ii) consolidation trends in many industries. For the first time in ...
Q1 2024 Outlook Mergers Acquisitions

AIR Technologies acquired by Fidelity Building Services Group (Fidelity BSG)

AIR Technologies has been acquired by Fidelity Building Services Group (Fidelity BSG), a national leader in HVAC/Mechanical Services, Building Automation & Controls and Emergency Power Generators. When the owners of AIR Technologies were approached by a strategic acquirer, they reached out to ClearRidge to advise them on the potential sale.  With an exhaustive process to prepare AIR Technologies for a sale, identify and approach potential acquirers, the ClearRidge team managed the sale process, due diligence and closing.