How does Biden’s $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan Impact Mergers & Acquisitions in 2021?

We expect to see a list of proposed tax increases for businesses and business owners under the new Administration, possibly reversing 2017 tax cuts. The first tax increases are expected to roll out in 2022, but there’s a possibility a capital gains tax increase for the wealthiest Americans could take effect even sooner. Biden has also proposed closing the current …

Carlson Company acquired by Continental Materials Corporation

Carlson Company of Tulsa, OK has been acquired by Continental Materials Corporation of Chicago, IL. Carlson Company is a family-owned company, formed in 1958, renowned for manufacturing precision large diameter steel flanges, rings, and disks up to 162” O.D, 132” height, and weighing 50,000 pounds. ClearRidge advised the owners of Carlson on the sale.
Carlson Company Tulsa, OK acquired
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